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Customised Explanation Videos

We explain all you need to say with a video

Why you should use an Explainer Video

Don't waste time learning video editing software or hiring freelancers. We can make your custom video in 4-8 weeks

Use video to engage visitors and boost sales Studies show that video can decrease bounce rates and increase a visitors willingness to buy

Online video is very spreadable on social media and can make your business standout We can produce the core of a successful marketing campaign

Every video we make customised for your business. Our explainer videos have professional voice-overs, great music and are in HD Video

  • Online communication is becoming more and more visual.

  • Customers are reluctant to spend time reading through long sales pages

  • If the same information is presented quickly and clearly using video, they will be more likely to watch it

  • We help all types of companies explain complex subjects, products or ideas easily with our short animated videos.

  • We work with you to create your custom made video to deliver your message so everyone understands


  • Use our video's for sales, promotion, as a TV-Advert, to introduce your website or even for training your staff.

How your video is made

You take part in all major decisions of production.

We feel that it is very important that everyone works together and you know what is happening when your video is being created.

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  • Client

    Generation Home Care, Singapore



    Our client was launching health care platform to connect nurses and caregivers with people who are looking for health care in Singapore. The film needed to be suitable to both users and would have been difficult to film so Christophe approached us to make an animated Explainer video for him.


    We used a simple whiteboard animation to tell the story of both of the different points of view - the nurse who is looking for work in her spare time and Mrs Linn a patient who is looking for professional health care in her home.

    "Thank you so much for your patience and most of all your precious help in creating the amazing piece of art which is your video"

    Christophe Pilloud
    Managing Director Generation Home Care pte Ltd
  • Problem

    iStoryboard was commissioned to create the website animations for the MyYogaPro Kickstarter video.


    We brought the website to life with animation, and movement.

  • Client

    Beauty and the Beard



    Our client was launching a photography exhibition in Berlin called ‘Beauty and the Beard’ and needed a cool promotional video to promote the event on social media and for blogs and traditional media.


    We created a short video to display a collection of some of the most stunning photographs of the exhibition and used After Effects to composite the effects in time for the short deadline. The major difficulty was deciding which photographs were the best for the video since it was such a nice collection.

    " "We were on a very tight time schedule while preparing for the Beauty and the Beard Exhibition. iStoryboard team worked hard and delivered us a trailer on time which summarised the spirit of our project and helped us create interest among a broad range of audience"

    Mustafa Keskin
    Beauty and the Beard
  • Client

    Pavlok Wristband



    Our client was launching the Pavlok wristband a device that helps you to change your habits.


    We created some short animation's of their logo for their promotional videos.

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About Us

Kasimir and Chris started iStoryboard together combining their creative strengths to make great videos.

Kasimir Zierl

Video Production / Co-Founder

Kasimir is an award winning filmmaker and is in charge of dreaming up the creative ways to explain your message and managing the animation team to design your video.

Chris M Blyth

Web and Audio / Co-Founder

Chris is a highly talented project manager who keeps everything working smoothly and on time, he also applies his skills as a professional musician to oversee the composers' score for your video.

Impressum / Disclaimer

Impressum / Disclaimer

Chris Blyth
Adalbertstr. 21
10997 Berlin

Call: +49 30 30806504
Mail: letstalk[at]

Steuernummer: 14 / 232 / 00680

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  • What

  • FAQ

What makes your films different ?

We take the time to distil the essence, style and content of your message or idea and make an animated film for you with a unique script, voiceover and music that conveys what you would like people to hear.
We have a step by step approval process where you approve the script, character and scene designs, Voiceover, Music and Animation.

What style of Film will I get ?

You will get a short animated film custom made to present your message in the best and most awesome way possible.  Animation is a vast medium, ranging from hand-drawn to Computer-Generated 3D to photo manipulated to Stop-Motion.  We will help you select the right medium for your film according to your needs and budget.

How long would it take to make the video?

The first draft of the script should be ready within 7 days, and we aim to have your video completed in about 6 weeks. However, it depends on a few important things: the style of the film, the length of the film and how complicated it is. We will always clarify the deadline with you before we begin.

What if my message changes and I need to alter my video ?

No problem, your video does not need to be static. If down the line, you find your message has changed we can make the necessary changes to your video / script / voiceover.

Can you animate my Logo?

Yes, animated logos and animated gifs are our specialty, and they give a website a very high quality edge. Once created you can use your animated logo on all of your films and websites.

What if I am unhappy with the film?

We get your agreement after every stage of the production: the script, the storyboard, and the video. so you are 100% happy with the final video. Any major changes to the graphics or voiceover will be chargeable.

What voiceovers do you have

We work very closely with a large agency of voice actors, so we can find almost any style of voice you are after. We will give you examples for you to choose from in order for us to find the best voice for your video.

How much does the film cost?

Contact us and we will send you a free quote.

What actually is an Explainer Video

Let's start with the basics of what explainer videos are and what they aren't. They are a short film that explains a topic in a simple way usually with animated characters describing the situation. They are often used to sell products, explain difficult concepts, and sometimes as training materials.They are different to television ads in that they are not always used to sell a product, but sometimes to explain an idea. They are animated to clarify a concept, but they are not like a children's cartoon. They teach a process but they are not educational videos. In fact, explainer videos are a genre of their own.

Video is relatively new in the internet. At the onset of the internet all information was text based due to the low bandwidth and download speed of the net. Suddenly websites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion appeared and videos have become an important way of explaining information in our daily life.
In addition to this, the advent of mobile phone technology has enabled humanity to enter the internet from anywhere at any time. Now we are able to be introduced to new concepts visually that previously were only visible on a television or in a cinema.
The spread and improvement of video production software has enabled a huge output of videos and has made its production cheaper and more accessible than ever before. This combined with more channels to view videos has greatly improved their relevance in todays age.

Why do you need an explainer video?

The advantages of explainer videos over text or pictures is that video has greater control over the tempo and rhythm of new information. Videos can combine the powers of strong images, an emotive script, and expressive music in ways that the other forms of communication cannot. Also as a salesman of your message, video performs the same way every time it is shown.
Video is a very simple form of communication, the viewer only needs to do one thing, view. A big chunk of text is often overlooked simply because the reader will have to spend a lot of time immersed in the material trying to figure out what is being explained. In a podcast or for example a sale that takes place over the phone, the listener can get distracted by visual stimuli and will zone out of your message and of course when communicating one to one with a salesman the listener is required to ask questions, to acknowledge certain points and gesture appropriately.
Video has the advantage of being able to take up the entire focus of the viewer with its visual stimuli, musical accompaniment, explanatory voiceover and all the subtle effects of timing, color, spatial relationship, brightness, focus, sound effect, tempo and rhythm.

We explain the Animation styles that we offer


This is a method whereby a concept is drawn quickly on a whiteboard as it is explained via voiceover. They give the feeling of watching a teacher in school drawing on a whiteboard and explaining difficult concepts by their spatial relationship to other objects. Mostly whiteboard animations are made digitally since a lot more care and focus can be placed on the visuals and they are easier for the client to edit afterwards. Sometimes a hand is even animated in to complete the effect of a person quickly drawing what the speaker is saying.

Character animation

This is a more detailed animation where the characters are a more complicated design, they move more fluently and are able to interact with their surroundings. This method is used often when a character is the focus of the animation and their adventure is being described by the video. Since each character is made up out of separate parts, for example a torso, arms, legs, head, hands and feet, they may take some time to animate but their possibilities of movement are quite great.


This stands for Computer Generated Images, a method whereby a character is created within a computer and is animated by keyframes. The animator decides upon a beginning position, moves forward some seconds and repositions the model, the computer then maps out the movement that would take place between these two points and thus animates the character. This is also a very time consuming and expensive form of animation but is unlimited in the scope of the designs possible, since forces such as gravity, air friction and mass can be programmed into the computer.

2.5D animation / After Effects

Half way between a three dimensional computer animation and a hand drawing is a 2.5D animation. Where flat characters are placed within a world of depth, enabling them to move behind and around certain objects. This effect can also enable a virtual camera to move around the characters and fly directly into the image.

Process of making a video and how you are involved.

We use a step by step approval process to make your video. This means that for each step we ask for your approval before moving to the next. This guarantees that you get the video you want !

Creative brief

You tell us about your product or service in a precise way so that we have a good idea of what you are promoting. We are particularly interested in who you are, who the video is for and what the video is specifically about.

Concept Development & Simplification

Once we have enough information about your idea we condense it down to the absolute essentials. This is the seed from which the rest of your video grows.


We take the concept and form a script.


Our team of designers will draw you our ideas for characters, locations and certain important props. This is based upon what appears in the script. We can also include design elements from your corporate design into your video.


Our designers will create a small storyboard out of the video which is like a comic book In the storyboard we make sure that there are no overlaps of information, that a concept that is clearly stated in the visuals is not doubly explained in the dialogue. We also see about the placement of certain pieces of information to make sure that everything is clearly described.


We take create care in matching the right voice to suit your message. We audition professional voiceover artists and present the choices to you.

First draft

Our animators will take the designer's drawings and animate them.
This is your first glimpse of the video.


We will work hard with the composer to make sure the track captures exactly the right mood and enhances the message.

Second Draft

After we have made our changes to the film we will present you with the second draft, it will be closer to the final product. When you make corrections on the second draft it is with the idea that these will be the last changes you will make to the video, even if we make more drafts afterwards.

Final Draft

The video is now finished and we will send you the final version via email. If you have requested more than one version of the film for split testing reasons we will send them all to you. We will even convert the files into a smaller format to make it easier for you to upload the video to your website, for mobile use, or even for large scale projection. Bear with us, this is where it gets quite technical, we may have to get in touch with your web designer or technician to make sure we are sending you the correct file types.
There it is, your video is done.

How your video is made

You take part in all major decisions of production. We feel that it is very important that everyone works together and you know what is happening when your video is being created.

Step 1: Product or Concept Research

You have an idea, product or service that needs to be explained and we want to understand it so we can present your message in the best possible way. To do this we have to find out what is the heart of your idea: What is it? Who is the video for? and How should they react to the video?

Step 2: Creative Brief

The creative brief gives us a direction about what kind of film we will be making. Will it be serious or comical, informative or edgy? Will it be 3D computer generated animation or will it be a hand-drawn 2D animated sketch? Our team collaborate on what kind of video we will make and we pitch you our best ideas for your confirmation. In this stage we agree on which features of your product or service are the most important to share with people and which direction the video will take. We are searching for the essence of your product. Once you have decided on the best idea we move onto step 3.

Step 3: Script and Storyboard

Our writer will take the creative brief you have agreed upon and will write a script from it. If you already have your own staff writer, all the better, we will work with them together. Once we are all satisfied with the script we will make a Storyboard to present the initial concept for the video and so you are able to see the artistic direction of the film. You will receive character designs, font choices and other visuals at this point so you can guide us in which direction you want the film to go to. After your approve we will progress onwards to step 4.

Step 4: Voice Actors and Music

We then audition for appropriate voiceover artists, and present our top choices to you. If you already have a voice actor, our sound director will work with them to create the voiceover dialogue. Alongside this we will present you our choices of background music. We are also open to your suggestions and if you already have a song or style you would like to use.

Step 5: Animation

At this stage our animators start constructing the film. We share what we are making throughout the process and welcome all feedback that improves the video. Your video is never set in stone, so if you are ever unsatisfied with an element of the video we can change it.

Step 6: Sound Design

As the animation is being made our sound designer will add appropriate sound effects into the film to further emphasise the action. We always take great care that the sound design fits the project artistically. Bad sound design can ruin a great film so we make sure the sound and music never detract from your message but always enhance it.

Step 7: Screening

Your satisfaction is our greatest reward. Considering that we have been working on the film closely with you and that you have been been consulted in each of the major steps in the process, the final film should be  exactly the way you want it. After your approval, we then move on to the next step.

Step 8: Delivery

Now the film is complete, we will give you the video so you are able to upload it onto your site,  for use in a presentation or to upload to video to sites such as Youtube. We can give you the film in the file format you require and you will receive it securely via online transfer. You will own the copyright and so can use the video however you require. You can share it internally, present it at trade shows, use it with your advertisements, and present it anywhere online.

Contact us

Now that you have seen how our process works, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we can give you a free quote and advice to help tell your story.

Video Styles

  • Style



    We use original hand-drawn character designs to illustrate your message, combined with music and voiceover from a high-quality copy-written script. Whiteboard animation is an expressive video style with slight movement to punctuate the film.

  • Style

    Character Animation


    Advanced character animation brings your video to life with detailed movement and vivid colors. Our designs are made for you by hand to illustrate your message and are combined with excellent music and voiceovers to a high-quality copy-written script.

  • Style

    3D Animation


    We use 3D computer modelled characters to create something truly amazing. As with all our videos we use original hand-made character designs, combined with music and voiceover from a high-quality copy-written script.

  • Style

    After Effects Presentation


    We can create amazing scenes and elements from scratch in Photoshop and animate using tools such After Effects to present them !